These women Nobel Prize winners you should know

Image These women Nobel Prize winners you should know

Peacekeeping is a challenging duty; that is why fewer women are involved in the flight for global peace if compared to men. Most Nobel Peace Prizes have been awarded to men for their considerable efforts to establish harmony in spite of the dangers of wars and severe conflicts.

Even so, a few women have gotten involved with such a challenging mission. The efforts initiated by pacifists have proven that peace is a possibility, as the ambassador of peace Prem Rawat often reiterates in his unique message of peace. Read more and discover some of the female Nobel Prize winners who have achieved great things in the life of humanity.

Here are those women Prize winners you should know

Marie Curie (november 7, 1867 - july 4, 1934)

She was a notable physician and a reputable researcher in the field of the radioactivity of radium as a way to treat cancer patients. The principle of energy conservation was so popular at her time. Therefore, her success could not have happened without her endeavor to overthrow all major obstacles in her researches.

She was modest and honest; she dedicated her prize money to sponsor related fields, which were engaged in similar research. She was the first female Nobel Prize laureate due to her scientific discovery. Additionally, she had been awarded with many awards and prizes.

Bertha Felicitas Sophie Freifauvon Suttner(June 9, 1843 – June 21, 1914)

Also known as Baroness Bertha von Suttner, she was an Austrian-Bohemian peacekeeper. In 1905, she became the snd female Nobel Prize laureate. Her father was from a noble aristocratic family; but her mother was not. Later, she was excluded from nobility due to her mixed origin from her mother's side. She also felt frustrated when knowing the disadvantaged situation of her father who did not have the right to inherit much from his parents due to his birth rank.

Her career in peacekeeping debuted in journalism. She was among the leaders of the Austrian movement in 1889. Like the peace ambassador, Prem Rawat, Suttner was also a fascinating author. Among her books, it is worth mentioning “Lay Down Your Arms”, which was a big hit, translated into 12 languages.

Jane Addams (September 6, 1860 – May 28, 1935)

Jane Adams was both a social worker and a sociologist. She was a famous peace activist during the US settlement. She is best known for her achievement in the women's suffrage in the US. Additionally, she is a peace advocate. In 1931, she was awarded the Nobel Prize for her peacekeeping efforts in the promotion of local health care, global harmony and family needs.

She was mostly concerned about children's education and health. She took the initiative to promote the community's well-being in improving the environment by regular cleaning work.

Emily Greene Balch (January 8, 1867 – January 9, 1961)

She was recognized for her concern about poverty, children's rights and immigrants' rights. In addition to being a peace advocate, he was also a sociologist and an economist. She was concerned about uplifting the lifestyle of poor immigrants. She also carried out several initiatives to crack down on juvenile delinquency. She received a Nobel Peace Prize for her peacekeeping efforts.