Ellen Johnson Sirleaf : woman of influence

Image Ellen Johnson Sirleaf : woman of influence

If there are some countries in which woman rights are still not acceptable, other ones voted for a woman as President. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is one of them. Actually, this President managed to get 2 terms to lead Liberia. After getting more than the majority during elections, she got elected and exerted influence to reign with peace based on development.

What did Ellen Johnson Sirleaf do to get to this position?

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was born on October 29, 1938, in Liberia. She was elected to lead Liberia in 2006 and in 2011 for the second term. There are many reasons for this election but the most important is the way this woman is honored and respected.

A combatant course

she studied economics at Harvard in the United States.After returning to Liberia, she took over as Secretary of State. However, a coup by Samuel Doe in 1980 had the latter imprisoned and exiled for 10 years. She took the opportunity to continue her studies in the United States.

After that, she returned to the United States where she pursued her career in the financial field by working as an economist for the World Bank and Citibank. She was also a lead in the African UNDP (United Nations Development Program) and chaired it.

The "Iron Lady"

As the UK has Margaret Thatcher as an Iron Lady, Africa has Ellen Johnson Sirleaf would Liberia from 2006 to 2011 with strict laws to eradicate dispersion. During the ceremony to award the Mo Ibrahim Prize, the Chairman of the Committee wished to point out that the lady "led a process of reconciliation centered on the building of a nation and its democratic institutions". This means that she has made reconciliation the center of her interest, leading to an idea of peace for the people.

Peace politics

It should be noted that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is the first woman to be president in Africa. This will earn her to exercise a new policy which is to cede power in peace. She said that "Peace can only be consolidated and maintained if there is development". It's her politics to estate development policy which goes through politics redesign.

A woman of influence

Through her career, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf brings to Liberia the fruits of her knowledge of international institutions. Indeed, she uses her connections to obtain loans for her country. By having this prize, the Nobel committee made a strong gesture towards Africa, emphasizing the role of women in Africa and emphasizing the influence of the "Lady" in Africa. Ellen was just not a first woman but also influence all the last organization in her country which was devastated after civil war during 13 years.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Prem Rawat get a mutual cause: peace should be restored. Actually, the latter created a Foundation to help people have access to education; he integrates peace for all activities. At his beginnings, Prem Rawat was at the age of four, which is the opposite of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who was a President at the age of 65 years, and won the Nobel Peace Prize.