Bertha Von Suttner: First Woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize

Image Bertha Von Suttner: First Woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize

Despite the fact that the Nobel Peace Prize is dominated by men, there are women who were awarded to win this Prize. When we hear about women, it comes to our mind that they are always fighting for feminism movement and it doesn't matter because it's for equality. However, there are women, who didn't know the impact of their fight. Bertha Von Suttner, was an example for women.

How did Bertha Von Suttner get the Prize?

A witness of love

Bertha Von Suttner was born as a Countess named Bertha Kinsky in Prague. She was a passionate girl who liked music and books. Then, she decided to learn them, even as a young girl. Being an adult, she became a governess in Vienna where she met her husband. Deeply in love but not accepted, they decided to leave Ostrich to join Paris in France. She was a devoted wife to her husband. They secretly got married in Paris.

The meeting with Alfred Nobel

As lucky as she was, she met Alfred Nobel after their escape from Vienna. She met him and worked as an Assistant for him. As their passion of literature and writing remain intact, she began to write some novels and short stories. With her husband, they read the evolutionist literature.

A devoted author

Even if she died just before the First World War, the world has already met war before. She was comprehensive about staying at home, waiting for a husband or a son or a friend was pretty difficult for women. In 1889, she wrote a book about the vision of women left by war. She entitled this book as “Die Waffen Nieder”, which means “Lay down your arms”.

An ambassador of peace

On her books, many passages claim how much a war destroys people, families and even society. The publication of his book caused a lot of echo, because it was written due to her devotion to peace, and the correspondence with Alfred Nobel even when she didn't work for him anymore, but they became close friends.

An admirable concourse

Despite the fact that she and her husband were rejected, she remained calm and pacific. Because of their literacy, she had never been attracted by violence. She always claims for peace. She is a woman of influence of peace because she could distinguish hostility to claim rights. Then, after publication, she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and became the first woman who get this Prize.

If we retrace her story, Bertha Von Suttner is respectable not only for what she did but also what she was. A distinguished woman who wrote about necessity of peace was a sign of high courage and strength. It can remind us how some ambassadors of peace such as Prem Rawat manage.

He is an ambassador of peace, and by the way he began as a little boy who claimed for peace, by giving a speech at the age of four. By this rhythm, Prem Rawat continued to influence people about the utility of peace, an individual peace, to spread and transform into global peace.